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It is amazing how the internet has brought poeple together in ways I sure never contemplated. I am glad you are slowly getting back to normal whatever that means. So many memories have been lost in this storm and peoples lives changed forever. We are indeed so so lucky. .. thanks for sharing your story. xox


Beautiful post today.........I'm so glad you're home.

france papillon

i missed you!



I went back and read Anita's comment. It is so amazing to me what our art gets us through. War, natural disasters, illness, celebration. So many things with such a range of emotions. I know it is what has helped me stay positive through ten years of cancer and it's aftermath. I am always happy when I read how art has helped someone work through things/emotions. I know it will take some time before things get back to "normal" for our east coast folks. And for some it will be a new normal. All I can do is offer prayers for those struggling to survive on any level. thanks as always for sharing.

Laura Spano

Wow- what a moving comment. It REALLY helps put things in perspective. We are used to having so much.

Shelly Schmidt

A fabulous tag- and you are so right- we have become such a smaller world with the internet- it is amazing! My daughter in China is a text message and a Skype visit away!

Renee Zarate

Thanks for sharing Annita with all of us! Makes us even more grateful every day. Glad you're back, missed you. Loved your tag.


Golly! Annita's comment really makes you realise how much you have, & take for granted, living in the West!
Loved your little tag Marjie, glad things are gradually getting back to normal for you.
Alison x

Brenda Brown

My Mum always used to say there's someone worse off than ourselves and that helped her to keep things in perspective and not become depressed. Anitta's comment shows us that too. I try to live by that mantra.
I am so glad you are home and picking up the pieces. My thoughts and prayers are still with those who have to deal with real devastation in their lives and that includes Anitta and her friends and family.
Take care my friend, I am so glad the internet put us in touch with each other.
hugs {brenda} xox

Anita Houston

You tag is gorgeous Marjie, and it's wonderful that you are able to be back online and at it again. Natural disasters are so devastating, and you've braved well, my friend! Blogging most certainly has bridged a fantastic gap like nothing I've known, and I am happy to see that so many feel the same way. It's a wonderful thing!


So glad to hear things are on their way towards normal for you, and what a lovely post to read, so full of compassion and warmth... thank you for sharing your thoughts, and your tag from the past, which is lovely too btw!
Alison x

Lynne Moncrieff

I am relieved to read that you are home and let's hope it isn't too long before life returns back to normal.
It is still with disbelief that I watch news reports especially knowing that people are still without power one week on or that there is no evidence of their home anymore.
You have put on such a good face through all of this Marjie, even with your home safe many in your situation would have been grumbling to say the very least.
A beautiful tag, why on earth did you not share it before now?!
Wishes to you


This is gorgeous! So glad that you are safe. Sounds like you went through a lot! Still praying for all those affected.

Lynn Stevens

Marjie, so glad to hear you came through the storm unharmed. Its such a tragedy to hear what so many others have had to endure. Must be nice to have the power back on. That alone can dampen ones spirit.

Beautiful tag you created. the Filigree on the edge is so pretty.
Hugs Lynn

Anne R

Hi Marjie, thank you for referring us to Anitta's post, it is certainly very sobering. Even though we see war torn places everyday on the TV we can never truly understand the plight of those who are innocent, Anitta is so right. And still she finds compassion and advice for others. She is a remarkable lady!

Glad to hear that you are safely home and I love your beautiful tag.

Crafty hugs, Anne x


Hi, Marjie....it's true, isn't it? I love this tag..the background is wonderful with all those faded stamp images...almost looks like etching. And I love your wise birdie. Your art has certainly helped you find your wings, hasn't it? Blessings on you!

Lisa Sackett

Thanks to Anita for sharing a portion of her story. You're right, it does put things into perspective. I've always told my kids that everyone has been through something in their lives, and that they are here today because they are survivors. Even if you hear their story, there's always so much more you don't hear. I think the strength for overcoming comes from God, but what we choose to do with it is our choice. One of my Art Journaling students recently told me the only way she made it through the difficult time of losing her boyfriend to cancer was by starting her Art Journal. She has been sharing it with our group and it's amazing to see how she has come full circle to her cheerful self today. That's why my favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 43:2...and part of my "profile". =)
So glad that so many people had you in their prayers, and that you are well!
Great tag, btw. I love that trim.

Carolyn Dube

My soul was touched by your post today. I am so happy you are safe and that you are able to reach out and help those around you as you collect food. Anita's post reminds me of how powerful the soul is- she has so many challenges, struggles, and horrors I can only begin to imagine. But her comment was filled with perseverance, working with friends, and of tapping into the power of art. The internet is making this world a much smaller place and bringing together people through commonalities, such as art. Thanks for sharing this my friend.


I'm so glad to hear that you're back and things are on their way to normal again. Yes, I'm amazed, too, by the ramified ways the internet makes its way through the world connecting people ... thanks for your compassionate words. No I have the feeling to even know you a little better :-)
Hope everything will be back to almost regular.
Best, Suzanne x


Oh, sorry, and your tag is gorgeous! :-) Love it, wonderful colors and I love the birdie ..
Suzanne x


Wonderful to rea, that the power is back and you all are okay :) Your tag looks great love all the details.

Helen Tilbury

The internet makes the world so small - I love it too! I apologise for not communicating with you during your trauma - my internet has given me nothing but perpetual problems for weeks & it's impacted greatly on my work as I am now far behind on everything, with less time to comment and more difficulty doing so. I lived for years in a very 3rd world state & even now am still in Africa but South Africa is more modernised than the rest of Africa as you most probably know, and ultimately those experiences of want and need do make for a more grateful soul but that said I wouldn't wish them upon anyone as they are so awful and miserable at the time! Glad you are out of it all now and made it through okay!!

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